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What we offer

Public Relations Campaigns

Deciding what your message is and who you want to target are the starting points for any effective PR campaign. A Head for PR understands the media and what will grab its attention. We have worked in print and broadcast journalism and know how to create a workable PR strategy developing angles and news that the media will want to write about.

Press Releases

We know how to write punchy and newsworthy press releases that won’t have journalists reaching for the delete button. The press release is a still a good tool that will help you get a consistent message across to all your media channels. However “one size” will not fit all, and we tailor your releases to appeal to the media we want to target.

Social Media

The growth of social media marches on and no business or organisation can afford to ignore it because it is not going to go away and is a very effective way of getting your message across directly to your target market. A Head for PR will devise an integrated social media campaign as part of your PR strategy. We will use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Online PR to ensure your presence is maximised.

TV and Radio

With the proliferation of so many digital TV and Radio stations it is important that this medium is built into the PR strategy where appropriate. We have great contacts in the broadcast world with ex broadcasters working on the A Head for PR team we know exactly what is required to put your message across on the radio or TV.

Media Database

With over 25 years of combined experience in the media we have built up a huge database of media contacts and we also use a nationwide database that is updated on a daily basis and provides information on forthcoming trade and industry features keeping us a head of the game!

Press Trips

Sometimes it is not enough to tell someone about your service or organisation. They need to come and see for themselves so that they can fully appreciate how wonderful you are! We are experienced in arranging Press Trips for journalists, understanding their requirements and timescales and making sure that they produce great copy that will be all the more effective because they have visited your business.

Press launches and Product Reviews

If you have some great new products that you want to tell the world about, let A Head for PR plan your marketing and PR strategy. We can organise a press launch, perhaps tying in with a key trade or consumer exhibition or staging the launch in a venue that can be easily accessed by your key press. We can plan an event that will get you maximum exposure for your product and arrange product tests and reviews in your target media.

Creating and running Twitter accounts

We are great fans of social media and can help you set up and run your own Twitter account so that you can create ongoing dialogue with your clients and potential customers. We just love to Tweet, so if you don't have the time we can run your Twitter account for you, increasing your Followers on a monthly basis that will bring you new leads and help raise your profile either as part of an ongoing PR campaign or as a one off project.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) is a necessary part of every PR campaign and we use recognised industry tools to evaluate your PR campaign. We will work with you to discuss the best methods of evaluation for your needs and hold a license from the NLA as we take copyright issues very seriously.

Cost-effective PR for start-ups

When you are launching a new business money is especially tight and time is precious. On the other hand, you need to gain vital publicity so your company can quickly gain new customers and orders.

That’s why you need A Head for PR’s special Start-Up PR Service. For a bargain £200 fixed fee,we will provide a special business launch press release package.

This low-cost service includes everything needed to publicise a new business launch in local media, plus trade and consumer press:

• A phone interview by an experienced PR director to gather key information

• A two-page A4 professional press release written

• Incorporation of a main image supplied by the client

• Inclusion of any required client amendments

• Issuing of press release to up to 10 key media (extra distribution available at small additional cost)

The news release is also ideal for uploading onto the company website and generating publicity through social media like Twitter and Facebook.

A Head for PR is providing this affordable professional PR package as a way of assisting new and small businesses at the time when they most need it. The Start-Up PR Service frees up the business owner’s time and allows them to take advantage of advice from skilled communicators from A Head for PR.

For more information about A Head for PR’s special Start-Up PR Service, phone 01935 813114 or email:

Crisis Management

Few crises are handled well but a clear PR crisis management strategy can help you communicate to your publics effectively. At A Head for PR we can work with you to put together a detailed crisis management strategy that will help the crisis management team to act on a clearly defined, pre-planned set of rules/guidelines, which minimise the need for traumatised decision making. The strategy will provide the framework for measurement and recording during the crisis, enabling accurate evaluation after the event.

Business to Business Campaigns

From brand building to product launches, A Head for PR understands business channels and how PR can be used to great effect to support clients’ commercial and corporate objectives. Whether new to market or an established brand, we devise and implement impactful campaigns for clients of all sizes - drawing on our knowledge and experience of the consumer sector to add variety and creativity to our business-to-business programmes.

JR_0028 c.jpg


We recognise that TV can be one of the most effective ways of getting the message across to your customers, but not everyone can appear on popular programmes like BBC Countryfile and the Good Food Channel (though check out our case studies to see how we did succeed in getting clients on to both these programmes). However we can help you broadcast your message by putting together a short video that can appear on your own website and also on our A Head for PR Productions TV channel. We will help you put together a script that best demonstrates what your business has to offer and then film a short two to three minute video that will be a very effective part of your PR strategy.

Media Training

Media training is an essential tool for the modern business world. A Head for PR has the broadcast experience and expertise to navigate the demands of the 24-hour media jungle.

If you are nervous before a press, radio or TV interview, A Head for PR will prepare you and help you find the best way of getting your views across to journalists by demonstrating and discussing how to emphasise key messages in a confident and relaxed manner to enhance your company profile and brand image. This is particularly important for businesses which need to handle difficult situations or to manage a crisis which has arisen.

Preparing media statements and fielding press calls are further ways where we can assist you to diffuse a crisis and manage press interest.


If a magazine or newspaper requests an article or feature about your company, A Head for PR can write a piece according to the publication's brief and deadline. Writing under pressure to tight time restraints is part of what the agency does well, using its wide-ranging experience in newspaper, radio and TV journalism in the UK.

Finding stories and interviewing staff for in house publications and company brochures are also part of the copywriting service.

"In my experience, budget cutbacks and staff reductions are making it a bit harder for journalists to write about travel in the UK- unless local PR operations can step into the breach. On two recent visits, I have found A Head for PR to be a vital conduit with hotels and major attractions, and they certainly gave me some experiences in Devon which I would never have got if I had been travelling entirely under my own steam."

Jeremy Gates, Travel Features Editor Press Association

Corrymoor Doubles Sales


Corrymoor Socks produces a fantastic quality product, find out how we helped them double their sales.

Christine Cryne is interviewed by BBC East.jpg
Christine Cryne, CEO Brainwave charity is interviewed by BBC Look East at HRH visit to Brainwave's Centre in Witham, Essex
Social media titles.jpg
Susy Atkins and David Markham with winning wine.jpg
Susy Atkins, presenter of BBC Saturday Kitchen and David Markham from Blue Sea with delicious South Devon crab and winning Sharpham wine
media scrum.jpg
Media training is very important when dealing with a crisis
Gold winners Wheatland.jpg
A Head for PR sponsored the Sustainable Tourism category in the 2011 Devon Awards and here we are with Devon's favourite radio voice Judi Spiers and the winners of the Gold Category, Wheatland Farm.
Popstar Liz McClarnon drops in to Ashburton Cookery School - we reckon that here was one Atomic Kitten who loved meeting the cream of Ashburton chefs - she caused quite a stir!
PR Workshop Devon Tourism Awards Finalists.jpg
PR Workshop for Devon Tourism Award winners 2012

'Winning awards is an extremely effective way to market your business .Writing your own entry takes up a lot of time which can be spent much more effectively on doing what you do best-running a fantastic business .Let Jane do what she does best -presenting your business to the judges in a way that will catch their eye and address all the points they were looking for. Jane helped us win eight awards last year ( a success rate of over 80%).She knows the game inside out. I cannot recommend her highly enough.'

Murray Hawkins

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