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A chance to listen again to the A Head for PR interview on Abbey 104

Rural businesses are fighting to secure talented youngsters

Posted by: Jane Adkins - 25/02/2016
I recently was moved to comment on an article featuring a talented small business owner who runs a small Indian cookery school in the depths of the Somerset countryside. Appearing in The Guardian newspaper, Bini Ludlow from Sweet Cumin Cookery School was pointing out how difficult it can be to recruit the right person when you are based far from the bright lights of a busy city....


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Fit for Business

Posted by: Jane Adkins - 19/04/2015
Everyone has a "lightbulb" moment at some point in their lives. I've had a few: deciding to go on to University when most of my friends opted for exciting jobs and independence (well this was back in the seventies); deciding to become a journalist; recognising when my marriage had run its course and it was time to find a new career and earn money to support my young children; taking a deep breath and deciding to start my own PR agency to see if I could put my own ideas into building a successful business; and now realising that health and being "fit to do business" is a prime requirement. ...


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It's all about the Love!

Posted by: Jane Adkins - 26/02/2015
I recently came across a Blog post. Essentially it said: "Anybody can figure out ways to generate short-term web traffic. But that’s simply a battle for attention you can never win. Let your competitors knock each other out over that. Place your focus in just one place — nurturing a truly loyal audience by running your business in a way that demonstrates mutual respect, gratitude, enduring trust, and … dare I say it? Love."...


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More Blogging in 2012

Posted by: Jane Adkins - 10/01/2012
Yes this is one of my New Year's Resolutions. Get blogging girl. Only as we all know it is easier said than done. But no good moaning about it - just get on with it - that has to be my motto for 2012! It is certainly gearing up to be a busy year. Already this month has seen press visits for two nationals at opposite ends of the media spectrum - the Daily Star and The Times have both enjoyed Devon hospitality - and we are looking forward to seeing the end results over the next few months. Press visits are a great way of getting the media on your side - they give the journalist first hand experience of the destination and thanks to some nifty PR organisation it means they get to see the best of what is on offer. ...
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@Janeknowsbest Recommends.......

Posted by: Jane Adkins - 21/10/2011
To celebrate reaching a Twitter Following of over 2,000 I thought I would introduce a @Janeknowsbest Recommends........ Blog. The idea is to give me a chance to share with you particular "finds" whether it be a lovely boutique hotel that no one else knows about, a secret beauty sport in the heart of the West Country, a new cafe, bistro or restaurant that I have come across or even some gorgeous handmade goodies, unusual gifts or perhaps even a great dog friendly cottage. You get the idea!
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Sometimes it's such a hard life in PR.....

Posted by: Jane Adkins - 24/07/2011
Sometimes I really love my job. The other day someone was asking me about our latest clients. I mentioned that we had recently started work with a company that provides cocktails at all kinds for different events and parties – appropriately they are called the Mobile Cocktail Company and of course in these cases it is always essential to sample the product! And then I said that we had just won an account that meant we would have to work with a business that produces the most glorious tasty organic muffins that can be sent through the post. Muffin Heaven is indeed the name of the business and we felt that we were in seventh heaven when we tried these yummy cakes. Finally I have just been to see a potential client who has planted several vineyards and hopes to make some serious wine in the future. No doubt I will have to sample that too…’s a hard life in PR!
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It’s the sincerest form of flattery….

Posted by: Jane Adkins - 15/03/2011
When I was a small girl I had a little friend who would always copy everything I did. So when I got a new party frock, she would get her mother to go out and buy exactly the same frock, or when I decided to grow my hair in a particular style, she would then go and do exactly the same. When I was eight this seemed quite amusing, but as I got older and she wanted to copy my school work or write on the same subject for the school magazine it became very irritating....
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Courage does not always Roar

Posted by: Jane Adkins - 11/03/2011
Jacqui Frampton who chairs the WIBN Yeovil group read out this inspirational poem at the beginning of our meeting on 8 March which was also International Women's Day. I thought it was very apt....
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Working 9 -5 – still the way to earn a living?

Posted by: Jane Adkins - 06/03/2011
Have you noticed how everyone seems to be smudging the edges of what used to be called the 9 to 5 working week? I used to think that it was just those poor souls who worked for themselves that slaved over a hot computer at the weekend or particularly ambitious-keen-to-impress young executives who burned the candle at both ends - stealing a march on their rivals by continually logging on to their Outlook to read and answer the never ending emails waiting to catch them out. But now I know differently.
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Pass the gas and air, my new website is here

Posted by: Jane Adkins - 15/02/2011
It’s a cliché but I do feel a little like I have just given birth – obviously replacing the team of doctors/midwives, anxious father and “helpful advice” friends with a team of web designers, code writers, impatient colleagues and “helpful advice” friends (yep, them again) as my new website struggled into life and has now assumed an identity of its own. Several months, in fact almost nine months ago, I was wondering why everyone made such a fuss about a new website – how hard can it be I thought? I am now older and wiser having been educated on the ins and outs of “assets” and “resources” not to mention html (and let’s not mention html….) and never again will I dismiss someone else’s passion for their new website as slightly deranged – now I totally get it. Do you think it takes after its mother?
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Giving those tenders some loving care

Posted by: Jane Adkins - 08/02/2011
I have just finished filling out two PR tenders and I am sure that I am not the first to struggle with the complexities of these convoluted documents (see, it’s catching – now I seem to have swallowed the dictionary). Unfortunately these lengthy tomes are devised by creatures that do not seem to inhabit the real world of plain English speaking. The questions and information required is more in keeping with material you would expect to find lurking in the briefcase of a particularly obnoxious Brussels bureaucrat determined to hoist you on your own petard! I never knew it was possible to need so many written policies on everything and am sure that at any minute I will be asked whether I operate a detailed flood defence policy in the staff bathroom or keep organic biscuits to stimulate creative thinking (actually that last one isn’t a bad idea!). Anyway, I have done it now, and submitted the acronym soaked whatsits cloaked in a robe of anonymity so ensure that all is fair and proper. I will keep you updated on the outcome………now where are those biscuits.
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What do you put in that Chocolate Log?

Posted by: System Administrator - 31/01/2011
What fun, I am thinking, we have a Blog! “What’s a Blog?” says my completely non techno-does-not-own-a-computer friend – did someone say “chocolate log” says my almost deaf but in complete denial elderly father. Well, it’s a bit like an online diary – you know like the page a day that I used to keep when I was 15 and kept locked up with a tiny silver key and hidden under my bed in case the world cared enough to want to know my yearnings for a “proper” boyfriend (whatever one of those was!) or that I had failed to hand in my Latin homework. Only with a Blog you actually want people to read it and encourage them to “Like You”. ...
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