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Coach of two new World Champions, Yeovil Martial Arts Sports Coach is Runner Up in Believe in Somerset Awards

Sensei Kire Antoski, owner and chief instructor at Panthers Martial Arts, is celebrating his success in the recent Believe in Somerset Awards where he narrowly missed being named “Sports Coach of the Year”, losing out to the coach of a ladies football team. However Kire was still pleased at the recognition of his huge achievement in coaching two new World Martial Arts Champions to victory as well as success in coaching five other national title winners in 2016 alone.

Kire said, “It was such an honour to be nominated for this award and it provides an opportunity to highlight the positive side of marital arts.” Kire is adamant he wouldn't be the happy, positive, passionate and committed person he is today without his sport. His dedication to the practice of marital arts and fitness has meant he has managed to control his osteoarthritis diagnosed several years ago.

Thanks to the exercise programme that Kire has developed, together with a healthy eating plan, he has confounded the specialists and kept the disease in remission. Thanks to sport, Kire has amazing hip mobility that is keeping a hip operation at bay and he is writing a book about his experience.

Kire has dedicated 22 years of his life in the UK to coaching students in the art of martial arts. He established his school for martial arts back in 1994 when it was known as Yeovil Panthers and this year saw two of his students become World Champions at the recent World Martial Arts Championships in Manchester.

Eight year old Melissa Rogers claimed WFMC (World Fightsport and Martial Arts) Under 12 Female under 30kg Light Contact World Championship and that same October weekend, 23 year old Adam Ridout secured a second world title when he won the WFMC World K1 title -80kg.

Sensei Kire has a total of nearly 40 years of martial arts experience as back in his homeland of Macedonia he spent five years as a voluntary assistant instructor before coming to the UK. Kire is a black belt Master in four different martial arts: 6th Dan Black Belt-Kickboxing, 4th Dan Black Belt-Ju Jutsu, 3rd Dan Black Belt-Tai Jutsu & 1st Dan Black Belt-Karate.

For more information about Panthers Martial Arts Academy visit www.panthersmaa.com or contact Kire Antoski T/: 01935 426 753 (evenings); M/: 07811 283 482 (anytime) or E/: hello@panthersmaa.com.

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Release Date: 19th December 2016

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