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Money to burn?

Interior furnishings designer Sissibox launches credit crunch inspired range

Questioning the boundaries of design with its unique range of raw, industrial style lighting and soft furnishings that are beautiful, but also thought provoking, interior furnishings designer Sissibox has responded to the credit crunch with some exciting new pieces that were first unveiled at this month’s Hotel Design Event: Sleep.

Sissibox is launching pieces from its new "Money" range, challenging the buyer to consider the power of money in our society and the value of design. The Pound Lamp stands one metre high and is made of rusted steel that has been carefully welded together. The rusting process has been started by covering the surface in hand sanitiser and allowing it to burn away, signifying the need for cleansing. Once the piece has been burned it is set aside outdoors and left to rust naturally. It is then coated with sealant to inhibit further rusting. The Pound Lamp retails at £1,596. Bridging the gap between art and design, the designer shows the process in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHb19If6Mv0

Continuing the theme of "Money" Sissibox is introducing its new conceptual fabric design ‘£5 Note' which is a giant print of the current five pound note - a denomination everyone is familiar with. This legally approved fabric directly parallels the idea of counterfeit printing but is produced under strict guidelines and sold with a Sissibox certificate of authenticity. It is available as cushions and made to order curtains in three colours; stone, verdigris and charcoal.

Again, the designers are using the idea of money being the fabric of society. This is something that can change a person or a country's fortunes from "rags to riches".

Sissibox founder, Susan Edwards, explains, "The design of every one of our products is not consumer or industry lead. At Sissibox we steer away from market indicators such as colour forecasting and trend predictions. Instead we produce our product range by approaching design as a form of art. We look to current social, political and environmental values for the inspiration of our products, creating pieces which don't just look good, but that also make you think."

Another lamp deals with the theme of identity. Concrete Cube Lamp is a production lamp, the concrete prototype of which was originally made by replacing water with the designer's urine. Sissibox likes the idea of the designer really putting part of themselves into the design, and this literally does just that! However, the lamps sold to customers will be made using water only, unless requested otherwise.

The lamp is made from cast concrete with a hollow centre and is available in different colours; ash, charcoal and stone. Each lamp base is decorated with a beautifully patterned insert. The Venetian Copper insert was designed in the style of famous designer Mariano Fortuny and matches the Venetian Copper shade. The Concrete Cube Lamp sells for £826.

The Sissibox design team is not afraid to experiment with unconventional materials or processes in order to develop something new and exciting, whilst still making its pieces aesthetically appealing to those looking to add something unique to their home.

Staying with the theme of identity, the industrial style Sissibox Lamp has been created to reflect the customer's identity and a bespoke service allows the customer to have their own logo or image on the steel base of the lamp. The subtle metal coloured patinas complement the copper rivets which hold the lamp together. This lamp is ideal for anyone wanting a beautiful personalised lamp for a hotel, office or restaurant. The lamp retails at £770 and the bespoke service to produce a logo or image is an additional £200.

All of the pieces have been manufactured in Somerset and hold full British Standard testing. Sissibox is looking to encourage UK designers producing products with likeminded inspiration to contact them in the interest of either supporting its growing network or adding to its product base.

Social media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/Sissibox/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sissibox Houzz: www.houzz.co.uk/pro/sissibox/sissibox-ltd

For further information about Sissibox, visit: www.sissibox.com or contact Sue Edwards, T/: 0777 64 68 648 or E/: info@sissibox.com

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Release Date: 24th November 2015

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